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Staples Vegetables are committed to driving out evidence of modern day slavery and or human trafficking from the industry and will ensure that industry leading targets are set, achieved and maintained.

As a family owned business, growing, packing, processing and despatching brassica vegetables, potatoes and alliums (leeks) to the retail and non-retail market, we are well aware of the pressure that the industry demands in the pursuit of continuous compliance. Our goal is to effectively manage this pressure through continuous improvement and open door dialogue with our working colleagues and our supply base here in the UK and further afield around Europe.

Policies instilled within the business are key to affectively managing the due diligence requirements needed to monitor, manage and review our procedures and agricultural practices. Our Ethics Policy of compliance to the ETI base code, in turn asks our employees to turn ‘whistle blowers’, should they identify any breach of policy, see evidence of discrimination or harassment, or any similar types of breach of ethics.

As an employer of upwards of 1000 staff, Staples vegetables aims to eliminate gang labour where possible from its operation, in turn directly employing staff, housing and servicing the needs of majority of its employees to ensure that their working days are fundamentally enjoyable.

The business does not accept any form of Forced / bonded labour, either from within or externally from our supply base, therefore we ensure that our suppliers and staff are fully aware of our stance. Through induction training we communicate our policies and require employee to accept and comply to these code of practices. Our supplier approval program requires our supply base to also comply with our policies, categorically we will not knowingly take supply or work with suppliers whom are involved in slavery or human trafficking.

Only by utilising a combined approach, can industry stamp out Modern day slavery. Staples Vegetables Board of Directors, Management team, farming and factory employees are fully supportive of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and will ensure they take this approach.

This statement as with all company Policies are fully supported by the Board in its pursuit to ensure compliance with all legislative requirements. This policy is further supported by specific policies and procedures. All policies inclusive shall be reviewed following legislative changes or as required by the document control procedure.

Author: Tony Fowlston, Approved by: Vernon Read, Issued: 22/06/2016