Vegetables growing

About Staples

Great British Farmers

With farms in Lincolnshire, Suffolk and the Isle of Wight, crops are grown in climatically different areas of the UK to maximize seasonality

Family owned business for over 60 years

George and Vernon Read are passionate about growing quality, fresh produce

Investing for the future

Our long term strategy is acquisition and investment in the best farms and factories.

We believe this is necessary to deliver the highest possible quality, availability and value to our customers.

We have created a unique integrated production system, which delivers the highest efficiency and lowest risk in the industry.

Pioneering Product Development

At Staples we are always looking to the future

Meeting the needs of our customers through consumer and market insight. Strategic relationships with World leading seed companies

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Growing The Organic Way

It’s in our nature!

We strive to deliver the highest quality produce for our customers including a range of organic vegetables grown in the UK.

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Linking Environment and Farming

Sustainable food and farming

  • Soil Management
  • Crop Health and Protection
  • Recycle
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Management,
  • Landscape & Nature Conservation
  • Community Engagement